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Available through the Pantiles Wealth Investment Fund in 2023

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Azaries Results and Comparison

Azaries vs NASDAQ-100 Comparison Table

Azaries vs the NASDAQ index

Azaries vs NASDAQ-100 Comparison Graph

Azaries technical results

Azaries Technical Statistics

Stunning results by Azaries financial technologies.

Proprietary investing available now through Pantiles Wealth Creation LLP.

The Pantiles Investment Fund is open to all new subscribers.

An entirely new investing and trading approach

A British software Company winning internationally with proven systems.

Portfolio 'spinning', wins a UK government innovation award.

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Extremely successful methodologies

Audited results shows investing success through trading the world’s largest and most successful companies. (e.g. AAPL, NVDA)

Ultra Low Risk

Focussed on blue-chip, NASDAQ, and US market stocks with $10b+ valuations and very high liquidity.

Now available through:

"The Pantiles Wealth Creation Fund" Open for pensions and individual investments for lasting growth and success.

Also available as an exclusive license to qualifying hedge funds.

Proprietary techniques that stay ahead

Azaries models adjust daily suggesting long and short positions as price action unfolds.

Designed for $1m accounts traded by professionals.

Superior Results

Audited annual returns were:

66.2% in 2019
62.1% in 2020
59.1% in 2021
86.9% in 2022

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